Jupiter’s Heat is a singer-songwriter duo, based in Long Beach, California. This passionate musical collaboration, between Johana F. and Hallie J., founds themselves on singing powerful and heartfelt lyrics that form an emotional connection with listeners. Hallie’s rich and astounding dynamic range, combined with Johana’s soothing, but explosive voice, blend together perfectly to create ethereal harmonies. Their music ranges from Acoustic Soul to R&B and intertwines acoustic guitar and electric guitar with minimal production, for a raw intimate sound.


Their romantic connection and personal life experiences infuses their music with themes of love, pride, acceptance and heartbreak. Through their music, they hope to inspire others to form genuine and loving connections with the world and people around them. They just released their first EP, “Callisto,” and are currently working on rescheduling their first West Coast Tour!



Johana Fernandez is a Southern California native, who grew up in the city of Garden Grove most her life. She began showing signs of musical inclination very early on. As early as the age of four, she could be heard loudly belting songs by Selena Quintanilla, whom to this day remains one of her favorite Musicians. With the help of YouTube videos and Ultimate Guitar Tabs, she started teaching herself guitar around the age of seventeen. And in the recent year and a half, since forming Jupiter’s Heat, she has been doing live performances and honing her musical craft more. 


When it comes to writing music, Johana believes that embracing naked, raw emotion is what makes for great song-writing. She loves to jam and flow from a place of authenticity, and just let the words that come and the feeling of the music take her away. Her musical goal in life, is to create songs that can touch people in a positive way, and maybe provide a source of light for individuals who have ever experienced hard times or heartache of any kind. As an openly Bi-sexual Mexican-American, she also hopes to be a voice for the Hispanic LGBTQ community, through her music, and to encourage pride in oneself, regardless of the many cultural and societal hardships one might face along the way.


Hallie Jenae was born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was drawn to music at a young age, specifically classic rock. At 11 years old, she started taking guitar lessons. She picked it up so quickly, guitar lessons eventually just became jam sessions with her instructor. As a high school student at Ohio’s School for Creative and Performing Arts (SVPA), she majored in Technical Theater. However, senior year, she surprised her whole school with a voice she’d been hiding behind the scenes at the Senior Showcase. Upon graduation, she decided to move to California to pursue her dreams in music, where she started gaining more confidence singing and playing guitar at local coffee shops and restaurants.

Since meeting Johana and forming Jupiter’s Heat, Hallie has taken her musical talents to the next level. She has developed a love for writing raw, meaningful lyrics. She also likes to take inspiration from her love of jazz and rock n roll, to construct and experiment with abstract guitar riffs. As of late last year, she has also been working on transferring her musical ear and experience in live audio, into music production. Step-by-step she successfully taught herself to produce Jupiter’s Heat entire first EP. Hallie hopes her music can inspire others to believe that they truly can do anything they put their mind to. She also hopes to be a positive voice for the LGBTQ community, and remind people that there is absolutely nothing wrong with being 100% yourself.